About Us

Our Leadership

Chris Wills and Jim Sang

Chris Wills and Jim Sang

Co-founders Chris Wills and Jim Sang have helped millions of students be better prepared for college, career and life through their work with Student Paths, a program implemented in high school classrooms across the country. After countless numbers of parents asked for advice and help, they recognized the need to help parents specifically with the college process and founded Portara.

Jim was inspired by his parents, John and Joyce, who worked four jobs so he could attend the University of St. Thomas, where he received the entrepreneur of the year award as a senior. 

After reflecting on all the challenges he and his parents faced with the college process, Chris found he had a passion to help parents not make the same mistakes his did. Chris has been a featured speaker at college admissions and school counseling conferences around the country, and he and his wife Vanessa have two sons, John and Thomas.

Our Name

The Portara, or Great Door, is a massive 2,500-year-old marble doorway overlooking the Aegean Sea on the Greek island of Naxos. Its Latin roots mean "to carry" or "to bear," and passing through it represents a transition to whatever may come next.


Our Passion

Portara helps parents of college-bound students successfully navigate the complex transition from high school to college. We believe valuable insight and info should be available to all families and not just a select few who can afford it, and our resources and tools are designed specifically for parents, who are often overlooked in the college process.